Matthew Brough is the author of several books. He is also a podcaster and the pastor of Prairie Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg, Mantioba. He’s passionate about creative communication, independent publishing, and English football. Find out more about Matthew’s projects below…

The Del Ryder Series

Fast-paced fantasy adventure books for ages 8 and up. Adults love them too!

“Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed was delightfully imaginative and a page turner. I just wanted to get back to reading it every time I had to set it down. With a Narnia-esque time travel and another realm to explore, the story intrigued. ” – A reader review







The Let God Books

Direct, to the point, and focused squarely on the wisdom of the Bible, the Let God books tackle the problems we face with our mindset when it comes to relating to God.






The Spirituality for Normal People Podcast

A weekly podcast exploring everyday spirituality. (Not that anyone’s normal!)