Del Ryder Fan Art

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SEcoleHarr16021910050Back in February, I had a great time visiting several schools during I Love to Read (J’aime
Lire) month to talk about Del Ryder. One of those schools was Ecole Harrison in Brandon, Manitoba. The kids were fantastic Рthey listened  well and asked great questions.


I am told that one of the students (named Sadie) went home that day, downloaded the book and read the whole thing. She came to school the next day and asked the librarian, Ms. Watkins, if she could borrow the library’s display copy in order to draw her own version of the cover. These are the kinds of things I love hearing as an author.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the awesome art, Sadie! It means so much to me to know you enjoyed Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed.

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2 comments on “Del Ryder Fan Art

    1. Thanks! I would love to hear what you and your kids think. Not sure how old they are but the book is best for 9-12 years. I read it to my daughter just before she was six and just changed a couple of things that she was not ready for on the fly.

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