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Hey there. I am thrilled that you’ve visited my little corner of the Internet and that you cared enough to find out a little more about me. Maybe you are a list person. If you are, you’ve already scrolled down and are reading the fun facts about Matt list. If you like reading paragraphs, here are some of the more official sounding bios that I use…

Bio #1

On a road trip across western Canada, a boy and his two older sisters listened as their mother read them The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Although he knew he loved the story, and as a teenager went on to fall even more in love with The Lord of the Rings, it wasn’t until the year he was turning 40 that Matthew David Brough felt the full force of these books. That was when he sat down to write a story and out came Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed, the first book in a fast-paced fantasy adventure series for ages eight and up.

Matthew is the devoted husband of Cheryl, loving father of Juliet, and the pastor of a small Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg, Canada. In both his reading and writing, he avoids books that moralize or “preach,” but loves stories of hope.

Bio #2

Matthew Brough has been a pastor of small, faithful congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Canada for over 13 years and is currently serving Prairie Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg, MB. He has served in a traditional context, been a church planter, and been involved in youth and young adult ministry for many years. Matthew is also the author of a series of fantasy adventure books for ages eight and up. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter, Juliet.

19 Fun Facts about Matt

  1. Most of my friends call me Matt. You can too!
  2. My last name is pronounced “Bruff.” “How can that be?” you ask. “I thought it was Brow, or Bro, or Braw.” Try saying the word “rough.” Now put a B in front of it.
  3. When I was a teenager, someone once asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I said “the least amount of work for the most money possible.” I ended up being a pastor and an author. Ha! Still chasing that childhood dream!
  4. I love soccer – Stoke City FC is my team
  5. I was born in Stoke City, UK (hence my favourite soccer team)
  6. I spell favourite with a “u” because I’m Canadian, eh.
  7. I love the Winnipeg Jets and the Toronto Raptors (are you sensing a sports theme?)
  8. One of my favourite places on earth is Lester Beach. You’ve probably never heard of it, but it has beautiful white sand on a fantastic fresh water lake. A slice of paradise about a 90 minute drive from my house in the middle of Canada! Bonus: My parents live there.
  9. I went to seminary at Vancouver School of Theology and it was a good experience (though, I’m not sure I would have said that at the time)
  10. I have a Science degree with specializations in Math and Computer Science. What that really means is that I didn’t have enough credits in either to be able to say I “majored” in anything. I had almost as many Philosophy credits as I had Math!
  11. I’ve visited 9 of the 10 provinces in Canada (I will get to Newfoundland/Labrador and the territories!)
  12. I’ve visited 44 States. Somehow I have missed Alaska, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia. C’mon Matt, get it together! Texas is huge – how have I not been there?
  13. I like to travel – could you tell? I’ve been to the Caribbean, parts of Europe, and Malawi, and am looking forward to more.
  14. Steak is very important to me.
  15. I have two wonderful sisters.
  16. I am the baby of the family by 5 years.
  17. I got married in the year 2000. This helps me remember how long I’ve been married!
  18. My daughter was born in 2010. This also helps me with my memory problems.
  19. My wife has a fantastic memory but I do not. She remembers things like random phone numbers and lyrics to songs. I have trouble remembering my own postal code.

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  1. Hello matthew, I am a good friend of Christine and Patrick. I enjoyed reading your book. It was fun and enlightening even for an adult. The kids are so real for their age. I look forward to the next adventure. Good job.


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