Cover Art for Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed

Below is the cover for Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed. I am really excited about it and am thankful to Roseanna White for designing it. Roseanna went way beyond what I expected in the design and communication to get it just right. The symbol on the cover was totally her idea and its already got […]

What’s My Book Called?

I’ve been surprised that when I tell people I’m writing a novel, usually their first question is “what is it called?” Not “what is it about?” And certainly not “who is the intended audience?” Before going further, you do need to know that the novel is middle grade fantasy adventure. Middle grade is generally ages […]

Where Did The Blog Go?

After a very good year of blogging, I started slowing down the pace of writing blog posts. In 2013-14 I was often publishing two posts per week. In the fall of 2014, I decided to give myself a break and aim for one per week. That became two per month. It wasn’t long before the […]

Do You “Get” Grace?

This is one of the best analogies I’ve ever heard for explaining the concept of God’s grace. I’m not sure where I first heard it, but it stuck with me. There is a class at the beginning of a school semester. The teacher hands out a course outline, explains the topics of the class, and […]