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When our desires and God’s will don’t match up, we often choose to move God from the center of our life to just being an “important part” of it.

This book will challenge you to think differently about what it means to have faith. It asks you to set yourself aside, make God your true focus, and trust God to truly be God in your life.

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About the Author


Matthew Brough has been a pastor of small, faithful congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Canada for over 13 years and is currently serving Prairie Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg, MB. He has served in a traditional context, been a church planter, and been involved in youth and young adult ministry for many years. Matthew is also the author of a series of fantasy adventure books for ages eight and up. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter, Juliet.

The proceeds from this book are being donated to support the Healing and Reconciliation work being done with First Nations People through The Kenora Fellowship Centre (Anamiewigummig) and Winnipeg Inner City Missions (Anishanabe).

Winnipeg Inner City Missions

Winnipeg Inner City Missions is committed to providing a healthy community for children, youth and families living in Winnipeg’s Inner City.

The North End of Winnipeg is a challenging environment for families trying to raise their children to stay out of gangs and away from drugs, alcohol and negative influences. This is why this organization focuses on healing and reconciliation, poverty reduction, access to equal opportunities, striving towards excellent education standards and encouraging our children and youth towards higher learning and safe living.

Kenora Fellowship Centre

The Kenora Fellowship Centre offers shelter and comfort to the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the displaced. It is the only operation giving refuge from the streets to the marginalized citizens within the community and is strategically located in downtown Kenora. All are extended a warm welcome, a cup of coffee or tea,  a snack, and often a warm meal.

Both of these ministries are supported by and are missions of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.