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I recognize that having a high quality speaker or workshop leader for your event is so important. Small churches need to hear from people who have been there, or are there now.  While I have found leaders of larger churches to be a great source of strength and inspiration,  at times the stories of rapid growth, or numbers driven success can be overwhelming, discouraging, or they just don’t connect to what is experienced in slowly growing, plateauing, or declining small churches.

I believe that small church leaders need to hear the big stories of success, but also need healthy doses of encouragement from leaders in the trenches that are striving to maintain larger visions that are not necessarily connected to a rapid increase in attendance.

What I Can Bring

I bring a relaxed presentation style, and high quality content, with over 10 years experience as a pastor in small Churches within the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  My first 3 years in ministry were in a traditional Church, followed by starting a New Church, where I am still the pastor.

I am equally comfortable speaking in a lecture or sermon style or in leading more hands-on, activity or discussion based workshops.  In addition, I am available for ministry coaching, particularly for pastors starting new churches in their first year or so. If you are looking for a coach, please be in touch.  Even if I am not the right fit for you, I may be able to help you find a coach.

Please contact me if you would like to begin a conversation about an event or workshop you are putting on if you think I can be helpful to you as a speaker or leader.

I take a few speaking engagements each year, but because my main priorities include preaching at Prairie Presbyterian Church and spending time with my family, I cannot say yes to every request.


Below are some topics that are my greatest areas of interest..

Small Church, Big Vision – Even the smallest Churches can seek a big vision. This doesn’t always mean having more people in worship.

The Small Church Advantage – Engaging small mainline congregations with the strengths of their own Church.

The role of the Denomination or Presbytery in New Church Development – Exploring the critical roles that middle governing Church bodies and denominations as a whole play in planting new Churches.

Social Media and the Small Church – What do Small Churches need to know about participating in social media?

Recent Engagements and Training

A few of my most recent speaking and leading engagements outside of weekly preaching are listed Below.

Co-leader of the New Church Development Track for the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Canadian Ministries “Big Tent” event in Montreal – May 12-15, 2014.

Received training for New Church Development Coaching through the Presbyterian Church (USA) coaching network. Jan 21-25, 2013 and Jan 20-23, 2014.

Co-leader of the workshop-roundtable “Church Planting: Stories of The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful” at Holy Shift! Christianity AFTER Religion, June 7-8, 2013.  Co-sponsored by EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development and Organic Parish

Leader of “Finding Traction in the Presbyterian System” – a workshop about how Church Planters can better navigate existing denominational and congregational systems that may or may not share the same vision of New Church Development.  Evangelism and Church Growth conference of the Presbyterian Church (USA), July 30th – August 2nd, 2012

Speaker/Preacher at the Saturday July 7th Worship at Canada Youth 2012, The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s national youth conference.

Be In Touch

Contact me any time to start a conversation about how I might be able to help you.

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